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We’re a coalition of individuals and organizations who are striving to make public transit an accessible, high-quality and realistic option in Asheville.

Why We Must Invest Now

There’s never been a better time to invest in our community. Better public transit will make Asheville a more affordable and equitable place to live.

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Latest News

ARTC Statement on COVID-19 Response and Use of CARES Act Funding

We request that the City develop an action plan by no later than May 1 to support transit-dependent residents who have lost service due to routes being cut or who are left behind at stops due to passenger restrictions.

Tell City Council: Fund “Yellow” Transit Routes

Just recently, we learned which transit route improvements Asheville city staff is recommending that City Council fund in the upcoming city budget.

While we’re excited that they’re recommending more frequent and extensive service throughout the city – bundled together as the “green” and “purple” route improvements – they have not recommended funding for a bundle of “yellow” route improvements that would serve the historically disenfranchised communities of Bartlett Arms, Livingston and South French Broad.

City Council Approves Updated Transit Master Plan

Asheville’s new Transit Master Plan will expand and modernize Asheville’s transit system over the next ten years. Thank you Asheville City Council for approving it!