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City Council Approves Updated Transit Master Plan

“When you can’t afford a vehicle, public transit serves as a portal to just about everything — food, healthcare, work, school and more. At least, that’s how transit advocates believe it should work.”

Asheville’s new Transit Master Plan will expand and modernize Asheville’s transit system over the next ten years. Thank you Asheville City Council for approving it!

City Council greenlights transit service expansion

Make Sure Public Transit Makes the Cut in Next Year’s Budget

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City Council Approves Transit Funding Increase!

Back in April, the Asheville Regional Transit Coalition sent a letter to the Asheville City Council asking them to improve the Asheville bus service by increasing transit funding by $5 million over the next five years. We are thrilled to report they have approved a substantial budget expansion for the next fiscal year!  Read More

ARTC Raises Budget Concerns to Council

The City is currently in the midst of planning for next year’s budget. This process provides some important opportunities to put Asheville on track for transit that operates in more areas, for longer hours, seven days a week. Read the letter we just sent City Council asking for dedicated funding in service of those goals and raising some important concerns related to those goals, and send your own message to City Council at

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It’s Time for Transit for All!

The Asheville Regional Transit Coalition is excited to build on years of work by local transit activists and other community leaders to call for much-needed improvements to Asheville area transit services. Read More